Friday, July 2, 2010

things I'm still not quite used to

I feel fairly at home with many Japanese customs ... but there are still a few things that still manage to catch me off guard sometimes. These include:

* seeing TV meteorologists publicly apologize when their weather predictions were wrong

* the swirling sonic assault of pachinko parlors (and sometimes electronics stores).

* finding whale meat at the supermarket

* how people wear surgical masks if they've got a cold (to keep from infecting others)

* the constant "KAW" of gigantic crows

* the astonishing array of food-themed television programs on TV featuring young people who drive around tasting regional/local foods and uttering guttural cries of "ummm. Umai!" and "Oishi!" (Delicious!) between mouthfuls. Watched this one the other day. I never seem to get tired of watching people overcome by food ecstasy.

(mask photo by Gary Trinh, news photo courtesy of the Rojak Daily)


  1. Hey Christa - you might be interested in contributing to this blog:
    Their tagline is something like "stories from curious outsiders", and has a round up of moments.

  2. well, someone has to be accountable for the weather!

    cool posts!!! K

  3. christa, i love this blog so far! have you had any time for japanese mtv? xoxo

  4. no Japanese MTV so far -- we don't have cable... but the regular TV is the most entertaining thing in the worrrrlldd.