Friday, July 23, 2010

lost and found

In many locales it's common enough to see a lost mitten or other small item placed on a fencepost for the owner to reclaim.

In Tokyo this kind gesture is taken a step or two further: find a protective plastic bag, some packing tape, a scrap of paper and a marker to make a handmade sign reading " LOST ITEM," then post your package near where said item was found. The child's shoe here was found hung on a residential street near Nippori station. Sadly a week or so after this photo was taken and the owner had not yet returned for it. Anyone missing a little pink shoe?

Also lost/found in this neighborhood were a frilly black broken parasol carefully draped over a rail, and a tiny sock with cherries printed on it, perched on a tree branch.

1 comment:

  1. love this christa, thanks for sharing. in korea, i feel comfortable leaving things in a public space knowing that no one will take anything. it is a comforting thought and one can wander to the bathroom in peace...

    i've already tested the theory multiple times, including (forgetting) my iphone, which remained in the stack of things piled high on a table.

    wish i could visit you there!