Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well, time is flying over here, and I've gotten behind on posting as I try to make a lot of art and get out to see events into the evening. Since my last post I met Kione, a rather brilliant bilingual teenager here who, like me, happens to be very passionate about zines. She helped me translate and launch a mini interview-based zine project about communicating with others when language is an obstacle (which it surely is for me here). It's hard anywhere to get strangers to stop and talk with you, but difficulties with language and etiquette make that ten times more so. It was a lot of fun, though, especially when we managed to snag a whole group of uniformed schoolgirls on their lunch break.

I've also discovered a really nice stand making fresh, delicious, fish-shaped taiyaki cakes near the train station, went for a muddy mountain hike in Kamakura, made plans to go to the Tanabata festival with friends tomorrow, and spent some solid studio time working on drawings and animation that I promise to post photos of soon. This Friday I'll give an artist talk with Andy Yang about a collaborative video we're working on together, so that will be a good excuse to get some images together.

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